Pay Per Click BlocksMaximizing Local PPC!

In mid to late 2015 Google moved the map down from the top right hand corner to just below the paid listings on the top left hand side of the Google page.  The map is now at the top of the map listings section.  And Google also limited the number of map listings from 7 down to only 3.  Why is this significant?  The reason for this change appears to be to allow Google to place a few more paid listings at the top of a typical Google page.

Now there are 6-7 paid ads where there used to be 4.  This is important to local businesses because now more than ever, if you are not listed in the paid section in your local searches you are missing out on business!  We at are experts at maximizing your return on your PPC budget.  We specialize it getting you the highest quality scores, click through rates and conversions so that you can get more new customers for whatever you are willing to spend on your pay per click campaign!