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“I started out in this industry working for an SEO company in 2012.  In the sales presentation that I was taught to present, we showed businesses examples of our clients whose website was on the first page of Google. As part of this presentation we then showed them the amounts of phone calls each month these clients were receiving. The underlying non-verbal message of the sales presentation was that if they signed up with our company, they too would find their business website on the first page of Google getting those numbers of phone calls and results.

Believing this sales presentation myself, I was excited about both our company and the industry! I sold many companies on our service. What I did not know at the time, was that the clients we were using as examples were hand picked. They were the few clients of our company that we did get on the first page of Google. The majority of our clients however were not getting those results. And so as time went on I began to get many complaints and calls from unhappy customers.

As I got these calls I would bring these customer issues to those in the company doing the SEO, and ask what more could be done to get each client better results. I would point out where our results were falling short and ask them what we could do to solve the problem. They made token changes to things they were doing for these customers and taught me to tell my customers that this would just take more time. It always would just take more time. Finally I started losing customers.

As with most people I cannot sell something if I do not believe in it. So I began to look at the results the majority of my customers were getting, such as the average number of calls and monthly new customers etc., and in my sale presentation I changed what I said to only talking about things the vast majority of my customers actually received. This set their expectations more realistic, which helped a lot and I was able to continue sleeping at night. However I still lost customers because what most of them really wanted was to get their website to show up on the first page of Google.

As I continued to ask the company what we could do to get my customers the results they were seeking I was finally told by one of the owners of the company that he really did not know how to get my customers to show on the first page of Google. Thus began my search.

I started looking for someone that did know how to get their client’s on the first page of Google. I finally found two of the best in the country. After talking to them I hired them to teach me.

Over time and with experience I learned why so many companies either don’t do what it takes, or don’t know how to do what it takes, to get their clients on the first page. It is a whole lot of work! It is tough. If it was easy, every company could do it!”