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Cornerstone Concepts, LLC are experts at Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Website Design in Jackson, WY. We don’t just design for you a website that is professional and attractive, but one that is functional as well for the users. And best of all we design them so that they convert users to become customers. It is not how many people that come to your website that matters. It is how many email you, call you on the phone or get in their car and drive down to your place of business. It is how many people become your customers that matters most.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term companies throw around with a lot of different meanings. This is because the thousands of companies in this industry have varying levels of knowledge in the SEO field. So what is Search Engine Optimization? As the name denotes it is the process of helping a company orchestrate its web presence, both on and off their website, to prove to the search engines that your company is the company that their searchers are looking for when they type in certain keywords.

This is not a gimmick, and it is not about cheating the system. It is about highlighting those things about your company in a way that the search engines understand, so that they can compare the businesses and show the ones they feel their searchers are looking for. The trick is knowing how to highlight those features the search engines are looking for better than your competitors do. Just like all things in business the competition is strong. That is where Cornerstone Concepts, LLC comes in.

Internet Marketing Services

What is the whole purpose of marketing? It is to bring a company new customers. And paying for marketing is not like paying a utility bill or a phone bill. It is not an expense. True marketing is an investment. It is like the guy that told you if you gave him 5 bucks he would give you 10 bucks back. Now if he keeps his word and pays you the 10 bucks back, how often would you make that trade with him? As often as he was willing to! That is what advertising, good advertising or marketing is like.

We have all heard people say in retail businesses how important location is. They say location, location location! Well that same principal applies in search engine real estate as well. If your business website shows on the first page for your major key words you get new customers. If you are on page 2 you don’t. That first page is where you want to be. That is what Cornerstone Concepts, LLC is good at! That what we do! We can help.

More About Jackson, WY

Jackson is a small town in the Jackson Hole Valley, in Teton County Wyoming. Three ski resorts are nearby, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Snow King Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee Resort. Some of them are world class. Just north of town are the peaks of the Teton Mountains in Teton National Park. And just north of that is Yellowstone National Park. The valley is beautiful and green. And the wildlife is plentiful

With an elevation of 6,237 feet there is no shortage of snow and subzero temperatures in the winter. The tourist industry is a large part of the economy in Jackson. And the town is home to, or visited by celebrities. Harrison Ford lives there part of the year and locals tell stories of him stopping to help stranded drivers repair a flat tire, and of Harrison using his blue helicopter to help out in local search and rescue operations. Call us today (307) 206-8407!

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