Local Maps SEO

Why Local SEO?

Simply put, Local SEO means the process of getting a local business showing up on the first page of Google in both the map and normal organic listings. When local people are searching for the products or services that a company provides, if a business can't be found it misses out on all of those potential new customers.

Worse yet, a business who can't be found risks losing their existing clientele!  People don't have rolodexes, or save business cards anymore.  The internet is so convenient it is even a bother adding a business number into their phone.  With just a couple of clicks they can do a quick Google search whenever they need a number!  The days of "Let your fingers do the walking" in the yellow pages are over.  People "Google It" right on their phone.



Local SEO Be Found

When a local business is listed on the first page of Google, it is like having their business located on the busiest street in whatever city they are marketing too.  They are where all the traffic is!  Not showing up on that first page is like having your business located out on some residential street where there is hardly any traffic.  Like they say location, location, location!

Pay Per Click Best Local ResultsWhy PPC?

Local PPC  advertising also known as Google Adwords means having your business listed in one of the paid ads on a search engine like Google.  PPC stands for pay-per-click.  Approximately 20-25% of the clicks on a search engine page are on the pay-per-click ads.  There is no way around the fact that if a local business is not listed in their local PPC section they are missing out on business.  However, there is a lot more to PPC than just running an ad.  To get the most new customers from your dollars spent on PPC, you need to know how to achieve the best for the following metrics.  These are 1. your PPC quality score, 2. the click through rate or (CTR) of your listing and 3. your overall conversion rate.  If you do well in those areas you can often pay less per click than your competitors.