Get On The First Page Of Google

Location, location, location! This applies on the internet too, not just in the physical world. There is no better way to market, than to be where people see you first, when they are searching for your product or service. If you rank high on page 1, you get customers. If you’re on page 2, you don’t. So how do you make this happen? We can help! This is what we are good at! Call us Today!

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Website Design

We design you not only a beautiful and fucntional website, but one that converts, turning visitors to new customers as well!


We design your web presence to be what the search engines like Google are looking for so they want to show you first!

Local SEO

Local SEO means showing up in search engine maps on the first page. This is a crucial area for a local business to show.

Dominate Google!


People who are searching for a product or service most often use Google. If you have a local business, you need to be on the first page of Google. If you are, you get customers; lots and lots of customers. If you’re on page 2, you don’t. So how do you make this happen? We can help! This is what we are good at! We are experts at getting your local business website to be what Google is looking for so that they want to show it on the first page of Google.

Not All Internet Marketing Is The Same

There are a lot of digital marketing companies that say they “do everything”. Have you ever heard the saying “jack of all trades, masters of none”? We don’t do everything. Instead we do what will get you paying customers. Like we said, being seen when potential customers are looking, brings them to you.

Google is constantly changing their algorithm, so we stay on top of these changes to make sure your website is giving Google what it is looking for when it is trying to determine which company to show first. It is our passion! It is what we do.

Google SearchSEO Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization has gotten a bad rap over the years. This is because there are too many people in the industry who either attempt to cheat the system, don’t know what they are doing, or both. If you cheat the system any success you have will only be temporary. Sooner or later Google will figure out how to identify your cheating, and the benefit will be gone.

For Google, their customers are the people doing the searches. The better Google is at delivering to its searchers what they are looking for when searching, the more it dominates the market. This is why Google is constantly changing and tweaking its algorithm. It is always figuring out how to weed out impostors.

Our advice; don’t be an impostor. Instead go with a company like us who knows what Google is looking for long term, and is willing to put in the work to do it right, rather than take short cuts and try to game the system. If you do things correctly, a Google algorithm change is a good thing. It keeps you on the first page in the searches even as Google penalizes all of the cheaters.

Happy CustomersWe Get You New Customers!

How do you know? Are you able to track new customers? Yes! Like all companies we can track a lot of things. We can track how many people viewed your Google listing, how many visitors came to your website (clicks), what pages they visited and how many “bounced” off back to Google or to another website. But what we have found is the most useful number is how many phone calls you receive directly from people finding your website. This statistic has a direct correlation to how many people did we bring that spent money with you. So that is what we mainly focus on; making your phone ring.

Best Digital or Internet Advertising Possible

Google controls over 90% of the search engine market. Getting on page 1 will get more new customers than just about any other single thing you can do. Give us a call today at (208) 228-1192! We proudly serve clients all over tht United States of America, but we specifically focus in the following cities.