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If you search any search on Google where there is a map section that shows up, you will notice that about 80% of the time the businesses that show up in the three map listings also show up on the first page of Google in the regular organic section.  This is because the requirements are almost identical for a local company to show up in both areas.  There is some minor differences which is why sometimes you will see a business show up in one but not the other.

Most estimates that I have read say that at the bare minimum typically over 60-70% of the people that go to a Google page skip the paid section and go to either the maps section or the regular organic section.  What this means is if in your local area you show up in the paid section with your PPC ad, but your Local SEO Best Local Resultsbusiness is not listed in the maps and regular organic section, you are missing out on the lion’s share of the traffic coming to that Google page.

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